Social listening

Track sentiment on social media

More than a news feed

Monitoring the constant flow of feedback from across the web is just the first step in social listening. You need to convert those comments into insights that spur meaningful action. With Killer Reviews, you can respond to detractors and engage influencers with intelligent tools that capture category and department-specific posts — all from one dashboard.


boost customer acquisition using social listening for reputation marketing

Hear every word on social media

Many customers express feedback outside of ratings and reviews — their conversations happen informally on social channels, heavily impacting your brand perception. Killer Reviews lets you monitor customer comments the second they’re posted on sites such as Twitter, YouTube and Google. Keep pace with the nonstop stream of online chatter and chime in when necessary to solve problems quickly.


Discover influential conversations

Killer Reviews lets you select and track relevant keywords to monitor, keeping your social feed uncluttered so you don’t miss a word.
Filter customer feedback by social channel or influencer. Identify which conversations drive traffic and conversions and use these to grow your pipeline. Sort customer feedback by sentiment, and convert any mention into a ticket. Tickets can be assigned to support staff to close the loop between feedback and experience.

Respond to all comments from one place

Leverage your organized feed of social media conversations to build relationships and trust, convert detractors into advocates, and advocates into brand evangelists.

Since 30% of social media users prefer customer service through social media over call centers, seize the opportunity: solve problems immediately and establish an engaged brand identity that draws in new customers.



Resolve issues, identify trends and participate in every social conversation to foster customer loyalty and drive revenue.

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