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Get new reviews

With KillerReviews, collecting new reviews from your customers is a breeze. KillerReviews integrates with your existing CRM to access your existing customers.
As for new ones? Simply check them in on a desktop or mobile device. KillerReviews automatically sends a review request to your client’s cell phone, scoring new reviews for your business directly on Google and Facebook.


Auto-promote your best reviews

Maximize the power of happy customer voices. With KillerReviews, your positive reviews are automatically showcased on your company website, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ pages, and indexed by search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo for higher search ranking.


Manage negative reviews

Don’t get blindsided by negative reviews. KillerReviews sends you real-time alerts so you can address customer issues before they escalate, turning frustrations into great customer experiences.

Rank high on Google

KillerReviews builds you a custom SEO-optimized review microsite displaying all your best reviews from all sites, along with your updated business information.
The constant stream of fresh, organic content boosts your search ranking even further, so customers easily find your microsite when searching for reviews of your business or industry.


Know what every customer says

KillerReviews aggregates your reviews from all the top sites so you can easily monitor what your customers are saying about you — in real-time!

Be found everywhere

With KillerReviews, your business is found by search engines — with accurate and up-to-date information — on all the major sites that matter most to your prospective customers.


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