Review generation

Get new reviews

Put VoC on full-blast

Collect new positive reviews quickly and easily with KillerReviews in-moment feedback requests. By engaging with customers at critical moments and making it easy to write a review, you can capture feedback from all customers, including satisfied ones not typically active online. More positive reviews=more conversions, higher ratings, and more customers.


Improve patient experience

Intelligent, automatic feedback collection

Engage with customers in real-time without lifting a finger: KillerReviews integrates seamlessly into 300+ apps, CRMs, and PMSs to automate the review collection process with up-to-date customer contact information, and sends your customers a review request either during or after a service or purchase.


KillerReviews sends automated review requests several ways:

  • Email
  • Text message via deep linking app
  • Mobile kiosks
  • Drip campaign
  • Facebook
  • Business website

Choose the method that best fits your business, and customize your messages to keep your brand identity consistent. Receive real-time alerts whenever customers review your business so you can respond immediately.

Get new reviews on sites that matter to you

Which sites do your customers care most about? Make sure you have high ratings on each one. Prompt satisfied customers to post on top sites of your choice. By pre-qualifying sentiment and automatically routing happy customers to top review sites, KillerReviews makes it convenient for satisfied customers to share feedback.


Game-changing SEO

Wondering where to focus your online reputation management efforts? KillerReviews’s Scan Your Business tool gives you an overview of your online reputation across hundreds of sites: see your listings, reviews, ratings across 100+ sites, and how you stack up to competitors.


Engage with customers in real-time without disrupting workflow: KillerReviews integrates seamlessly into most CRM, CMS and accounting softwares to automate the review collection process, and sends your customers a review request either during or after a service or purchase. Collect new customer reviews without lifting a finger.

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