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Know where you stand

A touch of genius

To become an industry leader, you need to know your competition inside and out. Killer Reviews is the only feedback platform that equips you with access to your competitors’ customer insights so you don’t just know your competition, you stay ten steps ahead of them.

Use feedback from your competitor’s customers to turn customer experience into your competitive advantage.


leverage feedback insights to dominate the competition

Evaluate your industry ranking

Killer Reviews lets you add your primary competitors to your dashboard. Your competitors’ reviews from hundreds of review sites and social platforms are run through our proprietary Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithm. This lets you glean competitive insights and illuminate opportunities to capture market share.


Understand sentiment themes

Killer Reviews structures insights on a 3-tiered hierarchy: business drivers, sentiment drivers, and customer verbatims. Insights are designed to spur decisive action from executives down to the frontlines. For example, category analysis tells a restaurant its food has negative sentiment. Digging deeper, the restaurant finds a surge in negative mentions for “pizza”.

Where are you winning?

Your competitors’ customers are your most likely prospects. See which categories your competition scores highest and lowest in, and zoom in on customer verbatim surrounding these scores. Compare against your own performance and learn where you can gain a competitive advantage.


Learn. Improve. Repeat.

Understand your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses to help drive marketing messages, sales efforts, and strategic planning. Develop company-wide best practices and stay ahead of the game in every aspect to turn your competitors’ customers into yours.


Move beyond hypotheses and last quarter’s figures— outperform the competition using their own customer insights. In real-time.

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