Killer Reviews is the platform that drives your customers to become your marketing engine.


Online presence
Put your business on the map with accurate information.
Today, the customer journey begins with an online search. Local listings are the third most important factor in search engine rankings - if they aren’t consistent, neither search engines nor customers can find your business online.
Review Generation
Monitor and respond to all your reviews from all sites in one place.
Collect new positive reviews quickly and easily with in-moment feedback requests.
Review monitoring
Never miss a word with real-time notifications of new customer feedback.
Hardwire customer happiness.
What are your customers saying about you? Where are they saying it?
Review Marketing
Amplify happy customer voices and let your online reputation promote itself.
A 1-star rating increase can boost revenue by 5-9%. Leverage your positive reviews to their full potential.
Customer surveys
Create engaging surveys that customers want to respond to.
Traditional surveys lack the capacity to measure today’s hyper-connected, mobile-first consumer society. All too often, lengthy surveys with irrelevant questions are sent at the wrong times, yielding few responses and an inaccurate customer census.
Social listening
Hear every word on social media and address negative social mentions.
You need to convert those comments into insights that spur meaningful action.
Business insights
Convert unstructured customer feedback to actionable dashboards.
Business Insights tool cracks the code of unstructured online feedback, and uncovers root cause of sentiment, giving you actionable intelligence you can share across your entire company.
Competitor analysis
Learn from your competitors. Improve. Repeat.
To become an industry leader, you need to know your competition inside and out.

Great customer experience drives customer loyalty

Learn how Killer Reviews can help your business improve your business reputation and customer experience.

Choose the solution that is right for your business.

Find out how you can convert your customers into a marketing engine, 
dramatically increase review volume and ratings, drive higher customer
acquisition, and boost revenue.

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Small Business

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